These are studies undertaken from my visit to Tresco, Scilly in November 08.

These are working paintings, drawings and texts of different areas of the Island that I feel drawn to.

Some of the work went on to form larger pieces in their own right, some are ongoing ideas and some helped form the book Down.
Visiting Tresco has become an annual seasonal part of my working year, each time something else is added to my experiance or enriches the last one. This visit coincided with the approach of winter - moments of lucid thought in a sharpning air and paling light.

A late flowering before the shroud of winter.

Tom Rickman 09

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Friday 14 - just as a start - a glimpse

Saturday 15 - watching rays fall in the southerly air

Sunday 16 - to a bigger space

Monday 17 - steps from old notes

Tuesday 18 - and this, this is the trick of the light

Wednesday 19 - just before the day shuts

Thursday 20 - from the east of my recollection