I tend to look up, and out
I kept on hearing the word ' urban ' in relation to art. Being a landscape artist living in a rural enviorement by the sea I was intigued by what, if anything, I could find in such a ' hard ' enviroment. In June 2010 I had the chance to take a few days in New York after visiting Nantucket. So, armed with a notebook and camera I strolled the streets in search of the ' urban '.
I was not dissapointed, finding the light that saturated the constructed city spaces most mesmerising and inspiring.It seems to give a hush to the relentless city that rises into the air.
The light falling through a street has a pacifying air about it and the sky a benign canopy.
I found something in New York that I found in Venice, a wish to be surrounded by buildings, and New York has canyons of them.

Oh, and Manhatten is also an Island, which falls in place with the others I've visited.

Tom Rickman 2010

' as a work in progress '