These are the brief recollections and studies undertaken from my visit to Luosto, Lapland, Finland in June 07.

It was my first visit to the country only really knowing it through the 'idea' and cliche of a place. I had this idea of the north from my own romantic wishes and through listening to the music of Sibelias especially Tapiola wanting to experience a dark, dense organic mass - yet finding a land full of shimmering opulent light
I was looking for an image of light passing through trees low on the horizon - fragmented. This was an old idea I had in the back of my mind from Dartmoor in Devon, UK.

I had always wanted to see the midnight sun and it showed itself to me through a break in the rain, revealing a long night of twilight,
clear luminous gold through green trees.

It is a place I hope to return to in the future -

a wilderness of fell bathed in midnight light

Tom Rickman 07

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