The Bakehouse Restaurant,
Penzance, Cornwall, UK

Spring 08




When Andy And Rachel ran Deli Coco in Penzance I delighted in the exotic array of produce they sold from Cornwall, Europe and beyond.
As a keen cook myself, browsing in the shop was as an enjoyable pastime as perusing a good art suppliers, discovering various colours and oils. Pigment and spices are like distant cousins and linseed oil is not so far from olive oil in their respective functions - both coercing elements into the sensuous yet fundamental pleasures of life.
Painting has a parralel to cooking, requiring amounts of skill, insight and above all passion. A studio is akin to a kitchen, a working controlled chaos.
It is no coincidence that the words palette and palate are used in both cooking and painting.
These paintings are about the air, salt, sea, light and soil of West Cornwall. As in a cooking pot, ingredients that connive to produce a quality of light and life that is elemental.
Tom Rickman 2008