"To slip out into the twilight and open ones eyes to the last few embers of the day is a wonderful luxury. It is a way of cheating the day by squeezing the last few drops of colour before night falls.

Twilight is a specific time of place. It begins at the point the sun sets. The air, atmosphere and spaces become charged with vibrant colours as the evening starts to merge towards nightfall.

Amongst the Twilight, I tend to sit and absorb these sensations, when thoughts, memories, reflections of the day seem to hover amongst the light.

In this external dimness there seems an internal clarity"

On the Edge of Twilight is collection of over sixty four images on the theme of Twilight

With 32 pages of vibrant reproductions and a forward by the late John Miller this book published by Great Atlantic Publications is a must for anyone interested in Tom Rickmans Work

This can be obtained from
The Great Atlantic Map Works