From Land, Porlock oil on canvas 92x137cm
Ryders Hill, Dartmoor 51 x 171cm oil on canvas
Dark Rock oil on panel
I know the geographical layout of the south west of Britain like the back of my hand. As a child my parents would make expeditions into this peninsular from their base in West Dorset, it seemed to be the bridge between Wessex and The South West.

Only knowing it as a holiday maker when I left college in 1982 I decided to head for the hills so to speak and immersed myself in the pastoral land that is West Dorset. Using Charmouth and its beach as a base, first with my legs, then a push bike, moped and finally a car I gradually spread out to different areas for my work. Looking back it was a time of simple revelry in the light and landscape, working between my studio and a beach hut on Charmouth beach were I studied the changing light of Lyme Bay.

I t was a very fruitful and important time to me, I was fresh out of College and had to affirm what I had discovered there.It was the starting point of a long view.
Old Harry's return, Dorset 45 x 40 cm oil on canvas
3 lanes, Devon 20 x 20 cm x 3 oil on canvas
Pascal's Hill, Poorton, Dorset 16 x 20 cm oil on panel