Gibelina Cross oil on panel 15 x 15 cm
Dark Tree oil on panel 15 x 15 cm
Gibelina Cross II oil on panel 15 x 15 cm
Building and it's shadow oil on panel 15 x 20 cm
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26 Sept

Last few moments before the off

Coffee at the saline, stretched out in the sun feeling twenty years younger

A good day

Leaving Marsala having sampled and tasted some vitals.
Saw the big smiling man from Mozia who gave me a hearty wave form the street,

I feel almost at home - for a second.


The straight road to Salemi past the vines and olive groves.
Back in the car the view down the bonnet and a long road ahead

Head for Rudi de Gibelina, an area that was hit by a devastating earthquake in 1968.
For interest or morbid fascination?
It does not disappoint. A shocked fragmented landscape , left and abandoned.
Buildings and towns partially collapsed, shards of architecture.
I park up and walk around.
An artist has made a huge concrete sculpture over the old street plan of the town. I was looking for the amphitheatre that was built as part of a festival to commemorate the disaster, Apparently they used to hold concerts of contemporary music and theatre there, including works by John Cage. I can imagine the sound of a prepared piano here.
All that was left was a few remnants of scaffolding and overgrown steps.

In the derelict garden of what must have been a grand house stood a lone fig tree, black and dark against the light, its curls and knots form their way out of a dark centre.
The tree says alot,
still here
dark in the shadow of the bright light

as a memorial.

The whole place frozen and empty in this heat.

The only sound is the distant whirring of some wind turbines up on the hill.

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Gibelina Cemetry gouache 15 x 15 cm
Cemetry trees gouache 15 x 15 cm
southern road gouache 15 x 15 cm
Gibelina building I gouache 15 x 15 cm
Gibelina building II gouache 15 x 15 cm
Wall / Tree gesso 15 x 15 cm
path to a dark tree gouache 15 x 15 cm